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Our long term experience in the processing of wood, combined with the new technologies of dry building and prefabricated houses, led to the creation of a new product – THE OAK HOUSES. These are houses based on the timber frame building method, dominated by forming of the external facades with the natural materials - oak, and stone.

Timber Frame Houses

Magna silva bulgarica - the great Bulgarian forest, so in the East Roman Empire called the territory of modern Bulgaria. Actually our country has the highest forest cover in Europe - 33%. For us since ancient time, wood is a traditional building material. The use of frame structures is typical for the houses in this country. Oak was widely used for design and decorating of the houses in our region.

Bulgarian forest

Prefabricated building based on timber frame has its origins in the past. In the beginning of 19 century the colonization of the American territories and the rapid urbanization led to its widespread use in America, where for the building of about 90% of the family houses the light timber frame is usual. After the devastating World War II, the implementation of the Marshall Plan for reconstruction of Western Europe returns this construction method to the Old Continent. In the 40 and 50 years of the last century, began its wider application in many Western European countries like Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, where today about 30% of single-family building is executed on timber frame construction.


The use of timber is considerably less energy consuming compared to the massive building. In the traditional building methods, materials are not renewable and require significantly higher energy consumption than this produced from the natural renewable material - timber. Dry construction methods affect significantly less the environmental contamination at their implementation. The timber by itself creates a better residential comfort than concrete and steel structures which create changes in the magnetic field of the buildings – the so called. "Faraday cage". The ambition in Europe in the last years is to use timber only from sustainably managed ecosystems that further helps to maintain the natural balance.

Timber Frame House


The structure of the timber frame helps the use of the most advanced insulating materials, such as: mineral-, stone wool, polystyrene, wood-fiber boards and many others that result in the creation of residential buildings with very high thermal insulation and respectively energy savings.

Timber Frame House

In all regulations of World and European institutions over the next years energy savings were noted as key objectives. Certainly proven are the qualities of the timber frame as: the sustainability to earthquake, the speed and accuracy during assembly of the houses.
In our work we try to combine the best characteristics of modern drywall building with the traditions of oak in Bulgaria.